Pathfinder Runelords

2-4-11 Fort Rannick

The adventures continue to fight their way through Fort Rannick. The majority of ogres were drawn out of the fort by Ava posing as a sexy ogre and luring them into the open, where they were ambushed. The ogres that remained in the wooden barracks, which turned out bad for them. Gorge blocked the door while Ava set fire to the building, delighting in the tormented screams of the evil ogres.

Zaldo and Griffin climbed the gate tower to keep a look out for trouble. They stayed there for almost the entire night. They did hear and sort of saw a dragon land somewhat close to the fort, but it did not engage anyone, content to keep its distance and watch the party destroy the ogres.

Gorge, Ava Edgecaster, Dr. Felric Elgood, and James Bishop made there way into the fort’s main building, set into the cliff face. There they cleared the first floor of the ogre menace, including a rare ogre sorcerer and an ogre with a set of iron jaws. As they continued to the second floor, they opened the doors to the chapel, which was covered in human remains. The great progenitor of that ogre clan face them in terrible combat, gravely wounding Gorge, before falling to the repeated attacks of Ava and James. The ogre dropped a +1 Human Bane Ogre Hook, and Boots of the Mire.

In the next room, the Half-orc ranger Angel Ollihandro broke free of his bonds and sley his captor. He entered the chapel just in time to see James decapitate the monster with a deft slice of his blades.

Angel told the party of Jakandros’ fate, and how the Forest nymph he loved tried to rescue him, but was ravaged and torn apart but the animalistic ogres.

Meanwhile, while Zaldo and Griffin were thanking their deities that the dragon left them alone, they discovered a roguish figure making her way up their ladder. She introduced herself as Alba, and she has been watching the happenings at Fort Rannick for some time now, biding her time to releave the place of its valuables. When she sees the party ransacking the place, Alba decides that now is a good a time as any to make her move.

As she tops the ladder, she takes Zaldo and Griffin off guard, intimidating Griffin into subserviance. Zaldo is impassive, and gives her no trouble. After making brief acquaintances, Alba starts into the fort, intent on looting whatever she can. She did neglect to mention the fact to the pair on the tower that she may have crossed a Razorbat nest, leading the nasty creatures right into Zaldo and Griffin as the bats follow her scent trail.

They prove to be no match for Griffins superior harpoon skills and Zaldo’s furious fists, and are quickly dispatched.

Alba, aware that the Razorbats attacked the tower, hurries her way to the fort’s secret arms stash. Inside, she finds several dozen swords and misc armor, all mundane, except for a set of +2 shocking burst arrows. She also spotted a Shocker Lizard, and was able to tame it into becoming her pet. Alba named the lizard Barnebas.


All mighty DM good job except you misspelled the monks name it is zalgo

2-4-11 Fort Rannick

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