Pathfinder Runelords


Finishing the Fort

The group make their way to the uppermost reaches of the fort, past the bell room and into the watchtower. The room is decorated lavishly with silk drapes and stuffed pillows. A canopy bed rests in one corner, and a dresser in another. As the group enters the room, a sultry feminine voice greets them. “Hello, welcome to my humble adobe. You have all grown most powerful, your talents would be put to better use working for us. Mokmorian would have great use for you all.”

After a quick deliberation, the group decides against joining Mokmorian and attacks Lucretia. Gorge leads the charge, drawing his great sword which bursts into flames. Unfazed, he strikes Lucretia with a vicious blow, his weapon transforming for a split second into spewing magma before his very eyes. The fiery strike ignites the fine livery in the room, and mortally wounds Lucretia. “I see your stamina has improved since the last time we danced.” she says to him, before revealing her true form of a Lamia Matriarch, her fine dress tearing apart as a huge serpent tail emerges from under her skirt.

James is climbing back up the outside of the tower after leading out. Griffin and Zalgo are running through the fort to the top room. As James is nearing the window, he sees Lucretia attempt to fly away. Quickly, James loops the rope around her, jumping through the loop to create a knot, and splits her open from navel to throat.

The group makes one last sweep of the fort, and convinced that the ogre threat has been dealt with, returns to Turtleback Ferry, where is has been raining profusely for two days now. The mayor greets the group, and thanks them for helping the town in its time off need. The mayor tells the party that since the Order of the Black Arrows has been decimated, with only two living members, that the fort fell under the jurisdiction of Turtleback Ferry. And since the town can ill afford to repair and maintain an unmanned fort, the mayor offers the fort to the group as payment for their services to the town.

Four days later, the rain has not stopped, but seems to have intensified. The mayor approaches the group and asks them to pay a visit to Skull’s Crossing, the dam located a mile upriver, to see if the floodgates are operating.



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