Pathfinder Runelords

Flood at Turtleback

The group is preparing to leave town to pay a visit to Skull’s Crossing, the dam which, until now, has kept the river in check, allowing Turtleback Ferry a rather peaceful existence. Right as they are about to set off, a flash flood hits, bringing with it a bad tempered python that is attempting to devour schoolchildren out of am emergency raft, and a confused lake monster. The python is quickly dispatched, saving the children and earning the gratitude of the local families. The lake monster, on the other hand is almost more than our intrepid heroes can handle. The ancient beast has laid in wait under the lake for centuries, and the damage at the dam caused it to get flushed out with the flood. It seems to ignore the group for a few rounds, while the church takes its full wrath. Eventually, they get the creature’s attention buy clambering over it, slashing and smashing as they go. They are successful in chasing the beast away from town, but just barely. The church holding the sick and elderly has taken massive damage, but amazingly, no one was hurt inside.


Because I collapsed a building on it, and ripped off two of its tentacles. which i had tied to a the aforementioned building with the help of Zalgo and Gryphon or griffin.

Flood at Turtleback

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