Ragna Blade

Gorge's favored weapon

weapon (melee)

Legendary Weapon.
3 Hellfire Mercurial Weighted Great Sword
Critical: 17-20 x4
Damage: 2d8 +3 +1D6 (
3D10 on Crit)

On successful critical hit, the weapon explodes in a great roar of billowing smoke and spraying magma. Deals 3D10 damage to all creatures within 10 feet of the victim, excluding the wielder.


Crafted by the dwarven weaponsmith Blaze Deepminer for his adopted son Gorge as a gift on his twentieth birthday, it was carried on a caravan headed to Sandpoint when the travelers were attacked by a unusually large goblin horde. The goblins found the blade, and took it to their master, who recognized the quality of the weapon and decided to imbue it with further power. Thus, a normal (although masterwork) great sword was transformed. The sword was given to the red dragon Longtooth as part of his payment for helping the goblins raze Sandpoint, and he carried it with him around a large sash he had constructed to carry his most prized possessions with him. However, the sash was damaged in the battle when some heros unexpectedly turned up and drove back the goblin horde. The sword was found in the trade district of Sandpoint, and a crafty shopkeeper, oblivious to the potential power of the weapon, put it up for sale. As fate would have it, the weapon eventually found its way to the intended owner.

The sword is huge, the size of a claymore, a full five foot long and eight inches wide at the base. The sword is constructed from red-gray metal, and shows no signs of wear. Mystic runes run along both the blade and hilt, glowing dimly if viewed in a dark room. The hand guard is decorated with the image a snarling demon with its wings spread. It is difficult to describe the personality of the weapon. In some cases, it could be considered lawful while in some cases could be considered chaotic. The strongest single emotion in the sword is a hatred of demons. While generally pleasant, the sword will suggest or even demand actions which a scrupulous person would not even consider in the path to kill demons. Even so, it is not an unthinking rage, but a calculated hate of the infernal creatures and those who do business with them, such as witches and warlocks. It does not expect the wielder to risk their life to kill demons, although it will make subtle suggestions. It also has an incredible hatred of half demons, and nearly anything of infernal lineage. The sword does not have a problem with its possessors gaining a profit from fighting demons, either through asking payment for services or selling components from the slain. The Ragna Blade has an understanding of the creatures that few living beings do, and understands their motivations and traits. While the sword will tell much about the demons it has fought, it will not tell about its origins or much about its past wielders. The Ragna Blade is an extremely powerful greater rune weapon which the main enchantments are keyed to the destruction of demonic creatures. To assist in battle, the sword helps protect the wielder against both magical and psychic abilities used against him. The weapon also helps with the hunting of demonic creatures, as it has the ability to feel their aura from up to four miles away. This ability to feel the aura will reveal the demon if it uses invisibility to hide or attempts to use darkness or multiple images to trick the wielder.

Ragna Blade

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