Welcome to John G’s game page!

Right now, we are running through the Pathfinder RPG adventure path “Rise of the Runelords” Currently we are progressing through book 3, “The Hook Mountain Massacre”, featuring ancient evil cults, conspiracies spanning decades, and inbred hillbilly ogres!

Our game is run once a month at my house, usually on the 3rd Saturday, from 6:00pm – till.
Characters are around 7th level, I am currently offering a free level up if I receive a character background.

We are a pretty laid back group, the game is fairly combat oriented, but golden moments of role playing do come to the surface quite often.

Adult beverages are allowed, nay, encouraged, and cigar smoking is done on the back porch.
Food is standard D&D nerd fare; pizza bites and energy drinks are a staple.

I look forward to seeing you here!

Pathfinder Runelords

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